Earn Money as a CEDN Member

We provide members of our network opportunity to earn passive income and other amazing benefits.

What is CEDN?

Cherrish Empowerment and Distribution Network (CEDN) is a subsidiary of DC Cherrish Sea Foods Ltd. It operates a network marketing model of distribution which also serves as an empowerment platform for young people and other Nigerians seeking alternative sources of income.  

Our Mission is to help our partners (yes, that’s what we call members of our network) create the wealth they desire while marketing the Cherrish brand. The products being distributed by members are our processed seafood range beginning with our sachet to pot crayfish powder.

The Network is designed to break the monopoly of being a distributor at a high cost, thus adopting the multi-level marketing approach. CEDN Members enjoy:

  • Higher Discounts on Products Purchased
  • Access to Trainings and Events
  • Promotional Gifts
  • Luxury Trips and Tours
  • Special Leadership/ Team Building Awards

Why Join CEDN?

  • You create a new stream of income
  • You grow at your pace
  • You empower others through referrals
  • You are rewarded in cash and luxury bonuses
  • Paid trips to fun destinations around the world
  • Access to business meetings/ training
  • Sharing in the growth of the system
  • Access to products at reasonable discounts
  • You enjoy special bonuses and promo offers.
  • You make good money while providing value.
  • Reward for every effort to improve your business.
  • We reward you for making money.

How It Works

Retail the product

You make profits yourself, as you access products at reasonable discounts to enable you make good profits.

Refer others

The referral also helps you empower others around you too, while you get rewarded in cash and luxury bonuses.

Build your team

It's all about Teamwork

Enjoy promo discounts

Enjoy special bonuses when we have a promotional offer.

Gain recognition

You get rewarded for every effort made to improve your business including Special leadership awards etc.

Frequently Asked Question

To register fill the registration form and make a nonrefundable payment of #5,000 or #10,000 depending on entry level desired

Cash paid is nonrefundable the moment registration is completed and welcome pack delivered.

The network operates a 5*5 matrix. I.e. every partner is expected to refer five people to this new found opportunity and encourage them to do the same. For every level of five people completed points are generated and bonuses paid(refer to compensation plan for payment on each level)

For those good with sales, points are also attached to the purchase and sales of products, however points attached here are very minor considering that the partner is given the product at a discount. Thus the purchase of two cartons carry points equivalent to points accrued for the referral of one new partner in level one while the purchase of four cartons is equivalent to points accrued for the referral of one new partner in level two.

Your starter packs can be collected from your upline if available or the from the leader of your region within 3-5days on confirmation of payment

For entry level one partner gets products valued at #3000 and a manual while for entry level two the partner gets products valued at #6000 a manual and a customized bag.

CEDN as a network is a people business, our growth in the business is dependent on our ability to raise others too. Your referral helps build up a formidable team of people to advance you in the business

Waybill ranges from #1500-2000 within south-south/east states

#2500_3500 to other States depending on distance.

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